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Today and Onward

by Tigerforest

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Life goes on 05:04
Verse With each crashing wave I find my strength and through the darkness I am renewed The storm rages on The winds lash out in fury But I hold fast without you My anchor in the tempestuous sea Without you I’ll find my way I’m finally free Set me free Refrain Oh that life goes on and you can’t go back And we’re holding on but it goes so fast And the leaves will fall and the seasons will change And life goes on and so must we Verse 2 With each step I take I find my strength and in the shadows I am reborn Life goes on with twists and turns The road is empty But I stand tall without you The guiding light I followed here Without you I’ll find my way, I’m finally free Set me free Bridge In the silence of my mind I find peace and clarity washing over me When the world is left behind I can see clearly I’m finally free Refrain Oh that life goes on and you can’t go back And we’re holding on but it goes so fast And the leaves will fall and the seasons will change And life goes on and so must we
Awakenings 05:30
spinning around not sure we’ll last much longer sun falling down from here I won’t recover no running miles from the crowd in the moment weightless you whisper don’t look down then maybe we’ll make it see the colors all changing bend and we’re breaking just don’t lose your hold on me don’t quit me it’s only winter stay with me till mornings new I can’t breathe but I see a shimmer so don’t quit me cause I need you so don’t quit me cause I need you i don’t know how oh where to go from here clocks ticking now hope you know I won’t disappear from you don’t count me out cause we just started we just started
V1 I hear it in the wind Can’t hold it Breathe this feeling in Oh Where the moment goes I don’t know Where did it go Nothing to show Where did it go Chorus Time In the sun it bursts In the darkest corner There is time Time When the sky is still It’s around the corner Over the hill Catching time Catching time Never catching time I hear you I hear you V2 I feel it when it slips Just missed it On my fingertips Oh I feel it when it goes But I didn’t know Where did it go I didn’t know Where did it go Chorus Time In the sun it bursts In the darkest corner There is time Time When the sky is still It’s around the corner Over the hill Catching time Catching time Never catching time


German-born artist Gunnar Spardel has a traveling spirit that has taught him about humanity, appreciation, and respect over the years and seeing life through a plethora of different lenses has been the biggest inspiration for the music he creates.

Captured in his collaborative project, Tigerforest, his upcoming album ‘Today and Onward’ begins with ‘Who Are You Really, Wanderer?’, a title that couldn’t be a more fitting acknowledgement of Tigerforest’s inspiration.
‘Today and Onward’, which is Tigerforest’s 8th album, is set for release in July. The album focuses on the present moment, living life in a way that makes us happier. “We are continually
daydreaming, either about the future or the past,” Tigerforest explains, “Living life in the present moment makes you stronger and, I believe, also happier.” His appreciation for the world around him has had an enormous
influence on this state of mind, captured beautifully in this album. Crossing borders of chill out, electronica and dream pop genres, ‘Today and Onward’ is a meditative, reflective and thought-provoking album. The opening track, ‘Who Are You Really, Wanderer’ is bigger than life itself, with calming textural soundscapes, accompanied by Milana Zilnik on the piano. The composition transcends further when the drums, played by Matt Davies, send the song in a new direction with uplifting, energetic rhythms, accentuated by synthesizers and warm pads.
‘In Sunlit Fields’ is a track that feels like nature itself, something that greatly inspires Tigerforest’s work. The
textural elements feel organic despite the fusion of electronic instrumentation. The electric guitar by Giacomo Pasquali takes the song to another dimension, while the hammer dulcimer and melodica of Paul Johnson bring a sweet uniqueness to the track.
Continuing the trance-like sonics, ‘Life Goes On’ welcomes ethereal vocals from Alanna Clarke that speak of freedom and embodying nature, while the dulcet tones of Pasquali’s electric guitar are brooding and introspective over electronica-inspired beats.
Tigerforest begins ‘Awakenings’ with the bubbling of warm, percussive synths and the gentle tap of hi-hats. The reverb guitar offers space and clarity, another simple but effective performance from Pasquali. An undercurrent continues to swell beneath the track, before signature electronic beats lift the song into another realm. ‘Sleeping in Light’ feels like it embraces the sounds of our ancestors with the addition of the Duduk and Bansuri flute by Paul Johnson, the Kamancha played by Ori Werner and the breathtaking vocals of Elvya, which seem to blend Earth’s reality with a fantasy world. Paired with Tigerforest’s stunning composition, the track becomes a cinematic masterpiece that feels both contemporary and yet of another time and place that takes us back to our roots.
‘Feel The Flame’ a 7-and-a-half minute long track, swells and washes over listeners, returning to the meditative state that much of the album embraces. The rippling Lo-Fi beats are sprinkled with piano while Tigerforest’s
trademark synthesizer exploration weaves in and out of rousing beats and epic-sounding guitar solos from Giacomo Pasquali and Vladyslav Zarichniuk. ‘Don’t Quit Me’ welcomes vocals from Denny White, his soulful voice complemented by Vladyslav Zarichniuk on guitar and live energetic drums by Graham Bechler. Tigerforest continues to elevate the song with a backdrop of heartfelt, textural sonics, an effect that puts the world into perspective, just as he intended.
‘Take Your Day Into Your Dreams’ makes an emotive entrance with an ethereal cello played by Michelle Packman, but it’s not long before live drums and the electric guitar make a comeback over celestial synth pads. There’s an intensity to the track that steps away slightly from the chill-out and electronica genres, demonstrating Tigerforest’s ability to create dynamics and versatility throughout the record.
Continuing to take inspiration from nature, ‘As One With The Endless Sea’ is a gentle creature, with textures that sound like waves crashing, floating between percussive mallets and the sweet serenading of Maria Grigoryeva on violin and the fluttering of piano played by Milana Zilnik. It’s a stirring and enlightening soundscape that gives the album a moment of pause and reflection. ‘Voices From A Distant Past’ sees the return of vocalist Elvya, her enchanting voice very much a reflection of the track title and a bewitching addition to the sparse and tender instrumentation.
'Catching Time’ is a broader collaboration, welcoming a series of new musicians, including vocalist Shelley Harland, guitarist Jack Haigh, percussionist Larry Salzman and trumpeter Josué García García. Despite the size of the collaboration, the soundscape is actually subtle and intimate, resulting in a peaceful work of art.
The penultimate track, ‘The Place Of A Thousand Drips’ shimmers and glistens, with glittering synthesizers and soft guitars, once again played by Zarichniuk. The track ruminates slowly but surely, building in crescendo and layers. The final track on the album, ‘Heading Into The Wind’ sees Zilnik’s piano twinkle and shine, textural pads and synths glimmering as the brush strokes of Chris Tschuggnall on drums provide percussive elements lifted by the airy vocals of Timbre Cierpke. The track climbs in intensity, both sonically and emotionally, the final piece of the ‘Today and Onward’ puzzle.
‘Today and Onward’ has an otherworldly essence, yet remains so reminiscent of the Earth we know, a concept Tigerforest perfectly executes. The album transcends listeners to somewhere new whilst also evoking familiarity, helping listeners to see, feel and taste the true colors of the world.
Now based in the US, Tigerforest has always been enamored with music, playing keys as a teenager in Germany and experimenting with digital sequencing in the 90s. Amazed by the beautiful sounds created by synthesizers, music became a mirror for Tigerforest’s innermost being, something which he now shares with all those who are willing to listen and seek out the true meaning of life.

(written by Meg Moon)


released July 13, 2023

© + ℗ 2023 Terminal 4 Records
All music composed, produced and mixed by Gunnar Spardel at Terminal 4 Studio / USA
Mastered by Birgir Jón Birgisson at Sundlaugin Studio / Iceland
Artwork Photography by Mikko Lagerstedt / Finland
Layout by Veselić & Veselić / Serbia
Published by Alien Moon Etherworks
Contact: gunnar.spardel@gmail.com


all rights reserved



Tigerforest Hamburg, Germany

Music means much more to me than playing white and black keys together in some harmonious or disharmonious accordance and order. It’s more than making impressive eclectic soundscapes or sequences with some content. Music is my life. Music is my playground of emotions and at each time the mirror of my innermost being. ... more

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